Jeff LeMay


Jeff Lemay The Inspectors

My path towards home inspection began with an eye for detail and an interest in design.  In 2002, I completed by Bachelor of Architecture at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island.  I then spent seven years in architecture firms, gaining extensive practical knowledge of building systems and construction.  I’ve also spent many years as an ESL teacher, both in Japan and Vancouver, and learned how to provide people with the knowledge they need in a way they can understand.  Home inspection demands attention to detail, a knack for communication, and a broad understanding of how buildings work.  In my years as an inspector, I’ve also learned how buildings age and how to recognize signs of trouble.  Drawing on these skills, I provide our clients with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision to buy a home and the confidence in knowing what they’re buying.

Making Inspections Greener

You don’t need a truck to do this job.  And much of the time, you don’t really need a car either.  As an avid cyclist and an enemy of emissions, I’ve figured out a number of ways to get the job done and leave the car at home.  

My favourite way is to go by bike.  With my tool kit in the bin of my modified bike trailer and my telescoping 16’ ladder strapped to the top, I’m fully prepared to inspect any house.  If the distance is too great or the weather too poor for cycling, I use greater Vancouver’s robust network of trains, buses, and ferries to get where I’m going.  Most condo inspections don’t require a ladder, and a collapsible 18” step stool will do.  However, I can always roll a ladder  onto the SkyTrain with the help of a luggage dolly when needed.  To my delight and surprise, riding transit often makes my workday shorter, not longer, as I can write reports while I ride instead of wasting time stuck in traffic.  

When our inspectors do roll up in a car, you’ll notice it’s either a hybrid or a fully electric vehicle.  It turns out it’s quite easy to make our business greener, not to mention a whole lot more fun.

A Recent Review of Jeff:

"Exceedingly thorough. Report arrived within minutes of it being completed. Walked through the report once the inspection was done and allayed any concerns I had while also providing practical advice on what to focus on. Jeff was professional, super friendly and I would 100% recommend his services. Top-notch inspector AND a great guy. 100% recommended.

Unparalleled thoroughness, expediency, and value. We used multiple inspectors during our lengthy search for a home. The Inspectors were easily the best. Andy was exceptional - thorough, proficient, & above all competent! We ended up booking him 3x’s. He provided timely reports that included not only findings, but also useful info on remediation and tips on maintenance in the future. You will not find better value. Highly recommended 5+ stars!

Jeff was the consummate professional as well as extremely kind in explaining to me all the findings in the inspection. Very meticulous in his work. Highly recommended and worth it. A+."